Come together

Come together:

In the meadows of paradise
Full of flowers, blooming and lush
Lamb and lion live side by side - fur to fleece
Holding parties, drinking pastis

In the jungles of paradise
Full of voices funny and strange
Snake and mammal move side by side - skin to skin
Smoking cigars, drinking dry gin

Could this be real? - but on this island in the sun
Could this be real? - it’s like Atlantis long ago, long ago
Could this be real? - you may find it, if you don’t track the wrong way
Could this be real? - make up your mind and join us today

In the oceans of paradise
Full of movement, crystal and blue
Shark and herring swim side by side - fin to fin
Riding sea-horse, dancing beguine

Could this be real…..

Come together to a solemn celebration
And be happy, we’ll be in harmony
Come together to a solemn celebration
And be happy we are splendid company (2 X)

Could this be real…..

In the cities of paradise
Full of buildings, spacious and bright
Man and woman live side by side - cheek to cheek
Picking apples, playin’ hide-‘n’-seek

Come together to a solemn celebration….. (2 X)